So i am gonna tell you about architecture that is brilliant, stunning, beautiful, and popular. Hagia Sophia. It means Holy Wisdom. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey. This building basically was a church and then become a mosque and now it is a museum. On 27. December 537, a cold winter day, key of the … More HAGIA SOPHIA

My School Life

So, i am gonna tell you all about my school life. I am studying in SMAN 3 Bandung. They said it is the best school in Indonesia. (Ameenn!!) Honestly, it is very different from my junior high school because my junior high school  was a private school. I had a hard time adapting with a … More My School Life


Nayo: Hey, Ical! How are you? Ical: Hey, Nayo! I’m great, thank you. So, How’s your sister doing? Nayo: Unfortunately, She is still in the hospital Ical: I’m sorry to hear that! I actually bring a gift for your sister. Here. Nayo: Wow, thanks a lot! This is wonderful! Ical: My pleasure! Nayo: By the … More Conversation

My Dear Friend

Now, i want to tell you about my friend Dwi. Her full name is Dwi Maharani. She is the second daughter of her parents. She has one older sister, her name is Novi. She was born on July 25th 2000. Her hobby is listening to musics. She loves korean food. Her favorite one is bibimbap. … More My Dear Friend


So, this is about myself. My name is Nayottama Putra Suherman. I was born in Makassar, September 19th 2000. So basically, i have older 2 sisters. the oldest one named Naila. And the second one named Nabilla. Both of them are very “girly” and talkative. When i was in 4th grade, i moved to Bandung … More Myself